Gridview updatepanel not updating

08-Aug-2017 06:16

I understand that this is a very common issue, I have been reading documentation on it for days, and I am about to pull my hair out over this issue.

BACKGROUND I have multiple Gridviews inside of an Update Panel.

Problem is that when I change in the data which is bound with gridview then no change shows after five seconds.

Can any tell me what is problem in my code or any other additional thing to add in my code to make gridview updated inside the update panel without page redirect.

Net and I am confused about the way a Grid View control works inside an Update Panel.

I have read the documentation here which states "By default, any postback control inside an Update Panel control causes an asynchronous postback and refreshes the panel's content." yet, when I place a Grid View and a Button control inside the element, unless the button has a defined On Click event to do grid1. Also, I have tried by specifying an Async Post Back Trigger on the Update Panel for the Button, but again I got the same behaviour.

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In post-back scenario, data gets loaded from the view-state.

If you try to work with one of these controls, and your website doesn't contain the required web.config file, errors appear in the This walkthrough introduced the basic concepts of using a Timer control and an Update Panel control to enable partial-page updates.

You must add a Script Manager control to any page that contains an Update Panel control or Timer control.

However, if a trigger refreshes the outer panel, both the outer and inner panels are refreshed. The following example displays the categories, subcategories, and names of products from the Adventure Works sample database.

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The category list rarely changes and there is no need to refresh the list of categories every time that a list of subcategories or products is displayed.As a result, users no longer see the whole page reload with every postback.