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02-Sep-2017 02:14

It is a scientific fact that pick-up lines are largely effective.

Most women have no natural defense against the romantic artistry of a true pick-up-line-slinging master.

And that is why I am sharing with you my foolproof Insulting Pick-Up Lines, guaranteed to crack even the coldest ice queen, leading you into the moist warmth of their cooch. Hey baby, I like that dress, but I’d like it better if it were on a prettier girl. I’m sorry, but I just had to come over here and tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a wookiee.

It must be your incredible mass that creates such gravitational pull. You’re just how I like my coffee – bitter and diarrhea inducing.

"Here is some sunshine so you can grow into a magical little plant in the springtime with flowers and everybody will love your flowers.

Except for my neighbour Frank because he's a dick and hates flowers.

Lookup chat lines for girls that like to f-14

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Either way, you're not gonna know until you give it a go so check out these for a little bit of flirting inspo below...There are times when a pick up line is just so funny – so corny – that it gets a girl to laugh and breaks the ice for you.Then there are the much more frequent times when they make you look like an idiot.If you only read these pick up lines and then leave, you’ll miss out on learning some real game.

Because I keep getting lost in your eyes", and "Is there a Rainbow, because you're the treasure I've been searching for", were likely to end up in failure because they were ''too over the top''.With that said, you should never plan to use pick up lines on girls in a serious manner, but more in a way that let’s them know you are just joking and trying to lighten the mood.

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